Welcome To FindtheLeaks.com

Find the Leaks.com is a provider of infrared inspection services for residential and commercial properties.  Based in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, we serve clients throughout Texas and adjoining states. 

Services include:

*      Finding Roof Leaks
*      Finding Water Leaks in Walls
*      Conducting Building Diagnostics
*      Finding HVAC Duct Leaks
*      Identifying Faulty Electrical Components

Why Infrared Imaging?
Infrared imaging helps control high energy costs, avoid expensive electrical system failures and avert water damage.  Leaky ducts, inefficient insulation and defective electrical systems can significantly increase energy usage.  And leaks after heavy rains or flooding often result in costly water intrusions.  In all of these situations, infrared inspection technology allows for quick and cost-effective problem detection.  Timely infrared inspections can be big money savers by helping to avoid damage and reduce repair costs.

How It Works

Differences in surface temperatures reveal remarkable qualities and abnormalities about a building.  By identifying such temperature differentials, infrared thermography allows us to detect conditions that may otherwise remain invisible and unknown.  Infrared inspections are increasingly used for commercial, residential and industrial applications. These inspections utilize the same technology found in the military, aerospace, and medical fields.  Whether you are a homeowner, investor, tenant, property manager, builder, contractor, inspector, real estate specialist or plant manager, you will find that thermal infrared imaging adds a valuable and cost-effective tool to your arsenal.

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